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Liposuction in Fort Lauderdale -- serving MiamiAlso known as lipoplasty, liposuction slims and reshapes specific areas of the body by removing excess fat deposits, improving your body contours and proportion, and ultimately, enhancing your self-image. Dr. Thomassen is a leading liposuction Doctor serving the Fort Lauderdale and Miami Area.

Despite good health and a reasonable level of fitness, some people may still have a body with disproportionate contours due to localized fat deposits. These areas may be due to family traits rather than a lack of weight control or fitness.

Liposuction surgery can be used to treat stubborn fat pockets in many parts of the body including the thighs, arms, neck, hips, waist, back, inner knee, chest, cheeks, chin, calves, and ankles. In some cases, liposuction is performed alone, in other cases it is used with plastic surgery procedures such as a facelift, breast reduction, or a tummy tuck.

What liposuction won’t do:

Liposuction surgery is not a treatment for obesity and is not a replacement for regular exercise and good eating habits. People with stubborn areas of fat and who exercise regularly are the best candidates for this procedure.

Step 1 – Anesthesia

Medications are administered for your comfort during the surgical procedures. The choices include intravenous sedation and general anesthesia. Your doctor will recommend the best choice for you.

Step 2 – The incision

Liposuction is performed through small, inconspicuous incisions.

First, sterile liquid solution is infused to reduce bleeding and trauma. Then a thin hollow tube, or cannula, is inserted through these incisions to loosen excess fat using a controlled back and forth motion.

The dislodged fat is then suctioned out of the body using a surgical vacuum or syringe attached to the cannula.

Problem areas that can be addressed with liposuction:

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Step 3 – See the results

Your improved body contour will be apparent when the swelling and fluid retention commonly experienced following liposuction subside.

Liposuction results will be long-lasting

It may take several months for the swelling to fully dissipate after liposuction surgery. As it does, your new contours and enhanced self-image should continue to develop.

The fulfillment you feel from the initial results of liposuction should continue as long as you control your weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A significant weight gain can reverse your results. Following liposuction, your slimmer and better-proportioned body should more accurately reflect the healthy and active life you lead.

To view samples of our actual liposuction and plastic surgery patients from the Fort Lauderdale and Miami Area, click here to view our before and after gallery.


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Liposuction in Fort Lauderdale

Liposuction (Lipoplasty) is a cosmetic surgery procedure that Dr. John Michael Thomassen, a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in Fort Lauderdale, uses to remove fat from various areas of the body. During a Lipoplasty procedure, Dr. Thomassen aspirates out the fat via a stainless steel tube (cannula).

Physical Characteristics Lipoplasty Can Address

Liposuction is frequently used to address excess fat in the thighs (inner and outer), hips, abdomen, neck, back, buttocks and arms. Many women choose to have this procedure at Dr. Thomassen’s surgical suite in Fort Lauderdale as it can be used to create the ‘hour glass’ contour women desire.

Both men and women frequently experience heightened self-confidence following a Liposuction procedure with Dr. Thomassen at his surgical suite in Fort Lauderdale. These procedures are designed to create and restore the natural curves of the human body. However, once a patient’s procedure is complete, he or she will need to maintain this newly enhanced figure through healthy eating habits and an exercise routine. Dr. Thomassen can perform a Lipoplasty by itself, or in conjunction with other procedures at his surgical suite in Fort Lauderdale.

Medical Conditions Liposuction Can Address

  • Lipoplasty can address noncancerous (benign) tumors and slow-growing fatty lumps (limpomas).
  • Some men choose to have this procedure to eliminate the effects of male gynecomastia (fatty breast tissue).
  • The Perfect Candidate for a Liposuction Procedure
  • Liposuction can help men and women by removing the excess fat that is difficult to eliminate even with diet and exercise.
  • A Lipoplasty procedure is not intended to replace diet and exercise, but instead to enhance the results attained through a healthy lifestyle.
  • The ideal candidate for a Liposuction procedure is an individual who is no more than 30 percent above their goal weight.

A candidate for Lipoplasty should:

  • Have good muscle tone and skin elasticity.
  • Be a non-smoker (or quit smoking about two weeks prior to their Liposuction procedure).
  • Have a realistic expectation as to what Liposuction can accomplish.
  • Maintain a steady weight for some time prior to having his or her Liposuction procedure.

An individual who is planning to become pregnant or lose a significant amount of weight is not a good candidate for Lipoplasty as the skin may lose a significant amount of its elasticity. This loss of elasticity can lead to sagging or loose skin on the abdomen.

The Initial Consultation for a Lipoplasty – What Patients Should Expect

Dr. Thomassen will discuss numerous topics with the patient during his or her initial consultation. At the initial consultation, patients should be prepared to discuss:

  • His or her medical history, including previous surgeries and medical treatments
  • Current medications, vitamins and herbal supplements he or she takes.
  • Whether he or she has drug allergies, smokes, drinks alcohol or uses illicit drugs.

Dr. Thomassen may:

  • Take pictures to use for reference and comparison purposes.
  • Evaluate and discuss the patient’s overall health and address pre-existing conditions.
  • Provide an overview of potential complications and/or risk factors.
  • Make a treatment recommendation and provide the patient with information as to what outcomes he or she can expect following a Liposuction procedure.
  • Recommend which kind of anesthesia he believes will serve the patient best (general or intravenous).

Preparing for a Liposuction Procedure with Dr. Thomassen in Fort Lauderdale

Since patients do receive anesthesia during their Lipoplasty at Dr. Thomassen’s surgical suite in Fort Lauderdale, Dr. Thomassen may request that the patient visit his or her general practitioner to have a physical. Furthermore, the patient may need to take specific medications or adjust current medications prior to the Liposuction procedure. Patients who smoke need to stop smoking for at least two weeks prior to their procedure: Smoking inhibits the body’s ability to heal itself. Patients need to avoid taking aspirin, herbal supplements and anti-inflammatory medications as these products may increase bleeding.

Suction-Assisted Liposuction (SAL) in Fort Lauderdale – The Procedure

Liposuction is an outpatient procedure; therefore, patients will need to bring a driver with them to the surgical suite on the day their Lipoplasty is to be performed. Additionally, Dr. Thomassen recommends that his patients ask someone they trust to remain with them for at least the first night following their procedure.

1. Anesthesia

Patients receive medications (intravenous sedation or general anesthesia) to ensure they remain comfortable throughout their Lipoplasty procedure.

2. Dr. Thomassen Makes an Incision

To perform Liposuction, Dr. Thomassen needs to make small incisions. These incisions allow him to insert the cannula and loosen the excess fat. The incisions he makes are placed in inconspicuous areas.

3. A Solution of Sterile Liquid is Infused

Prior to removing the fat via the cannula, a sterile liquid solution designed to reduce bleeding and trauma to the areas being treated is infused; furthermore, this solution liquefies the fat for easier extraction.

4. The Cannula is Inserted

Once the cannula is inserted, Dr. Thomassen uses a controlled back and forth motion to dislodge the excess fat.

5. The Fat is Removed

Once the fat is dislodged, it can be suctioned out of the body through the cannula via a syringe or surgical vacuum.

6. The Incisions Are Closed

Dr. Thomassen closes the incisions.

7. Pressure Garments May Be Applied

Patients may receive special dressing and garments on the areas that were treated.

Recovering from a Liposuction Procedure in Fort Lauderdale

Patients will receive instructions detailing how they should care for their incisions, if there are medications that they need to take, when they need to return for their follow-up visit, as well as any restrictions they need to follow.

Patients should expect to have some fluid retention and inflammation following their Lipoplasty procedure with Dr. Thomassen in Fort Lauderdale. In addition, they will most likely experience some discomfort for the first few days following their procedure. Recovery can last anywhere from one to six weeks.

Lipoplasty Results

It can take several months for the inflammation to fully dissipate; therefore, the new contours created during the Liposuction procedure may not be completely visible for several months following the procedure.

Significant weight gain may reverse the results attained from a Liposuction; however, as long as patients maintain a healthy lifestyle by controlling their weight, their Lipoplasty results will be long-lasting.

If you want to learn more about how Liposuction can eliminate the excess fat in the areas of your body that resist diet and exercise, contact Thomassen Plastic Surgery in Fort Lauderdale today.


Liposuction Fort Lauderdale FL

Liposuction Fort Lauderdale FL

Liposuction Fort Lauderdale FL

Liposuction Fort Lauderdale FL

Liposuction Fort Lauderdale FL

Liposuction Fort Lauderdale FL

Liposuction Fort Lauderdale FL

Liposuction Fort Lauderdale FL